Art Lovers can swipe through Art pieces and bid for the ones they like. With location based art and a secure payment gateway, buying art could not be simpler.
Like and Art piece, slide down to bid. Put in an amount and wait for a response from the Artist.

Don't like what you see, simple, swipe left and its gone.

Like what you see but not ready to bid, swipe right to keep it in your favourites. Check back in your favourites when you are ready.

Exhibid is availale for Apple and Android devices.

Exhibid uses your current location to ensure that the art pieces you are viewing are always near by. Move cities, no problem, the next time you get into the app your location is updated.

Exhibid uses a trusted payment gateway to ensure that your details are always safe. Furthermore payments are location based so you can rest assured that you are with the Artist / Art Lover before completing the transaction.

Visa Verified by Visa Mastercard MasterSecure PayGate

Made a bid or waiting for a response. Exhibid has you covered, you will receive a push notification alerting you to any progress. Furthermore you can receive emails with your receipts from purchases.

Our social media platforms will be up soon



Q: How do I download the app?
A: The app is currently on closed beta until further notice.

Q: What platforms are supported?
A: Exhibid can be used on both Android and IOS.

Q: I Cannot see any artworks
A: Part beta testing

Q: Nobody has made a bid
A: Be patient and check your notifications. The beta platform will not send out push notifications.

Q: I find something objectionable on the app, what do I do?
A: You can flag any item in the app.

Q: The artwork has disappeared? I can’t find it.
A: All artworks will ‘drop off’ after a period of 2 weeks but it can be resubmitted. This is to keep the database free of ‘deadwood’

Q: I made a bid and agreed on a meetup but the Artist never showed
A: You can flag the user. The artist will be removed from the system (not part of beta)

Q: I received a bid and agreed on a meetup but the Art Lover never showed up
A: You can flag the user. The art lover will be removed from the system (not part of beta)

Q: I saw an Artwork I liked, swiped it away but now I can’t go back
A: The system is hardwired to remove the artwork. Unfortunately you cannot retrieved it.

Q: What Artworks can I submit?
A: Any 3d artworks. No digital artworks (photos, etc) unless it is a limited edition. You also have to the owner/legal agent of the artwork.

Q: Why can’t I put in a reserve price?
A: There are no reserve prices as the market and art lovers will dictate the price. Remember you can reject any bid you believe is too low.

Q: Will this work in my home town?
A: Yes, the app uses your current location via your cell phone

Q: Can I see artwork from other cities?
A: No, only in your immediate area.